A feast with “Indians” was never planned and never repeated!


Have your neighbors and local stores put up holiday decorations yet? Probably so. It’s Thanksgiving already. While the news media report on the hustle and bustle of the holidays — the frenzy of travel and the craziness of pre and post-Thanksgiving shopping — aside from higher prices this year, Thanksgiving…

Who are they and where does their ideology fit with the larger world of Islam?


The Taliban are now firmly in control and in charge of Afghanistan. But how will they govern?

The news from Afghanistan is bleak. For example, according to the BBC, the CEO of the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan is raising the alarm that his country’s financial industry is at the precipice…

5th Ave., a muddy street!


Even by our recent standards, this was an eventful (read dysfunctional) week in the U.S. Congress. Democrats’ signature domestic agenda — the desperately needed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill — was held hostage by… Democrats! Congress averted a government shutdown, but only for two months. …

How neo-liberal economic policies and NGOs crippled Haiti’s economy!

Image provided by Trocaire from Ireland — DSC_1200 Uploaded by victorgrigas. Available on Wikipedia, under CC By 2.0 license.


This past week, a senior U.S. envoy to Haiti resigned in protest to what he labeled as the “inhumane” and “counterproductive” deportations of Haitians. See NYTimes. One reason that these deportations are counterproductive is that these migrants are being sent to the very chaos from which they recently fled. Haiti…

Lessons for “our” pandemic from another great pandemic a century ago.


Economists were projecting that the U.S. economy would take off after Labor Day. What they were not counting on was the Delta variant, which is now driving the resurgence of Covid-19 cases, which, in turn, is grounding our economy in many ways, including fewer hirings.

While we can’t predict what…

We can’t win with you… we can’t win without you!


On August 15, 2021, nearly a month ago, Kabul fell to the Taliban. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and the Afghanistan government, which the U.S. had helped create, dissolved. At 11:59 pm on August 30th, the last US military plane left Afghanistan.

To better understand how this happened…

Cato Institute Research Reveals Texas Data Regarding Immigrant Crime Rates

Images: immigrants during a 2010 naturalization ceremony at the Grand Canyon National Park, and immigrants on an ocean steamer passing the Statue of Liberty, NYC, 1887. Both images are in Public Domain.


Recently, the Wall Street Journal mentioned a research report by the Cato Institute, which is a libertarian think tank. According to the Cato Institute, 2019 data from Texas show that “illegal immigrants were 37.1 percent less likely to be convicted of a crime than native-born Americans and legal immigrants were…

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